The Best Relaxing Holiday At Pulau Mantanani

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Most Malaysian tend to underestimate the beaches in Malaysia has to offer. Well, after reading this many will be surprised what Malaysian beach has to offer. Planning on having a vacation hearing the waves hitting the shores or feeling the cool breeze from the beach. Well, here is why to plan the next vacation in Pulau Mantanani.

Enjoy a fun time in Manatanani Island

Take a short getaway to Pulau Mantanani Kota Belud to release stress and charge energy to have a relaxing time by the beach. In the island, you will experience crystal clear water surrounding the island along with sound white sandy beach with beautiful coconut palm trees. However, there is more to offer with fun activities and relaxing stay at the Mantanani resort.

List of activities

things to do in kota kinabalu

There are many beach activities to do as there is Manatanani island package to choose from. Ever wonder how marine life looks like? Well, there are packages and promotion the island has offered such as Island hopping, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving and many other fun activities.

Many previous tourists said is a must to snorkel in Manatanani island as one will be able to the beautiful colours of coral and different species of fishes and stingrays. Fun tips, do check up on the videos on the internet to see the beautiful beach which would excite you and makes it eager to book a stay in the Pulau Mantanani. Click here to make your booking today.

The relaxing stay

Here is why you should book a room in Pulau Mantanani Kota Belud. Well, it is highly recommended to stay in Mantanani resort because a relaxing is guaranteed. Previous guest feedback says that you will be able to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and hear the relaxing waves while having the time of your life in the resort. The room gives a chill, cooling, cosy vibe as most of the guest had enjoyed the stay.

The benefits on the island

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Mantanani island package has few types to choose, such as a single person is about RM900 or more than two persons will be cheaper, which is at RM700. Furthermore, there is also a 2 days 1-night package or 3 days 1-night package. When buying these packages, you will certainly have an unforgettable experience while staying in Manatanani island.

Many locals and tourist have given feedback that is one of the best islands in Kota Kinabalu as it is very relaxing and such a stress reliever. With that kind of feedback, it only means one thing which is a lot of benefits the island has to offer.

Things to do in kk

The wonder of what other things you can do other than having fun in one of the best islands in Kota Kinabalu? There are several things do in kk while you are in Sabah. Let’s get started.

Climb the famous mount Kinabalu

The Kota Kinabalu Mountain is the most popular place as when people mention about Sabah the first thing that comes across the mind is Mount Kinabalu. The mountain stands at 13 000 feet above sea level, but it requires spending a night below the mountain before the big climb.

Kota Kinabalu city park

The city park is one of the spot to visit while taking a vacation in Sabah. Many tourists said that it is a place filled with greenery to relax and chill. Fun fact, head down to British North Borneo Memorial where the death of many soldiers during the first world war.

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