Happy Hour in Kuala Lumpur: Secrets to Make it the Best

In Malaysia, happy hour promotion is the most wonderful day for the patrons. To make it more successful, you need an awesome drink and food menu, a great vibe, the right timing, smart marketing that will attract crowds, and great entertainment. Let us look at each of these elements and how they will make everyone happy.

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Food and Drinks for the Happy Hour Promotion

Subsidized prices for food and drinks pulls in so many people for the happy hours. People will flow in because of the opportunity to get cheap beer in Kuala Lumpur. Despite the subsidized prices, the restaurant still makes profits because of the economies of scale. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for both the restaurant and the guests.

You should include some premium items like shrimp cocktails on your food menu for the happy hour. As the diners go through the happy hour KL menu, they will feel they are getting a great deal for their money and leave more cash to use on drinks. There should be so many discounted items with one of two foods on the menu. It is one of the sales tactics that will give your happy hour promotion great success.

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Happy Hour During Off Hours

The best happy hour Kuala Lumpur is one that you don’t pigeonhole. Most people like running these promotions between 3 and 6 p.m. However, the choice depends on the laws within your municipality and the best time to get people to attend the happy hour. The best happy hour in KL should run late in the night. These are people who really enjoy late-night bites, especially when visiting an Italian restaurant near KLCC which is the best spot for dinner.

You can partner up in order to come up with a creative happy hour. I have seen cases where the happy hour runs all day Tuesday without any problem. The most important thing is to make sure that you are hosting the function in a nice and trendy cafe in KL.  You can offer lunch specials and as you target birthday celebrations and bachelor parties among others.

  • Create the Right Vibe

The atmosphere of the happy hour is a strong determinant of success. What diners see and hear from the outside of your bar will either draw or pull them away from the happy hour. It explains why you can find an Italian restaurant in KL taking the happy hour outside like a full beer garden. You can also start with a few bistro tables or picnic tables. The most important thing is to make sure that the whole experience really sounds like a great happy hour.

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  • Keep the Guests Entertained

One of the things that will draw people to the best buy Malaysia happy hour is the level of entertainment that they will get. Even though you have subsidized prices, don’t compromise on the level of entertainment. It is time for guests to forget about their daily struggles and dive in the sea of entertainment. Some of the major entertainment options include bar games and karaoke. You can choose other forms of entertainment depending on the demographic of the people you are targeting to attend the KL happy hour promotion.

Spread the Word

With a good happy hour, you will definitely earn the coveted word-of-mouth reputation in Kuala Lumpur. Everyone will know that you have the best café in KL for happy hour promotion. However, you can also look for a sponsor team to help you with advertising this even. At the end of the day, you will have a successful happy hour that benefits both the guests and the host alike.