Spending Your Holiday at Hotel Near Night Market Bazaar in Chiang Mai

When you are in the hotel near the night market bazaar, remember to visit the long neck Karen tribe. It is a tribal group that are initially Myanmar. The visits to the villages are enlightening experience as you will get to see the tribal people going about their everyday life.

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Extraordinary Things That You Can Only Get in Chiang Mai

Located at Chiang Mai woman correctional institution vocational training centre. Near hotel Chiang Mai, you could get the staff that was prisoners to give you a massage. Worry not as the massage staff are watched over all the time, and won’t be intrusive as you think. So why not give these ex-prisoners a chance for the opportunity once their prison life is over?

Massage is one of the to-do lists you want to cross when you visit hotel Chiang Mai, thanks to the excellent skills of the massage professionals. However, did u know that you could get a special kind of massage in Chiang Mai?

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Love Water?

Tourists should definitely take a boat trip on the Mae Ping river as well after checking in hotels to stay in Chiang Mai. If you are a person that delight in the beauty of nature, the two-hour boat trip along the way is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

Hotels to stay in Chiang Mai is famous for many delicacies that could represent Thailand. But its most excellent food and export have to be Khao Soi. It is a dish that is base on coconut and curry-flavoured soup filled with yellow eggs and chicken Sitting on top of the soup are crispy fried egg noodles that give a real mix of texture for the dish. You will be served with a small plate of red onions that are chopped, mustard and lime.

Travelling to Thailand is one of the fun things you can do, including staying at accommodation in Chiang Mai. If you are visiting Chiang Mai, you would like to spend quality time at various market such as the night bazaar and weekend walking street markets.

History on Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is also known as the “Rose of the North”, steeped in history and surrounded by ample beautiful architecture. This beautiful place is founded over centuries ago, and it is the capital of the famous Lanna Kingdom.

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One of A Kind Songkran In Thailand

Songkran festival happens every year, and people from worldwide thrive on having fun at this festival. Between the 13th to 14th of April, the year is the Thailand traditional new year celebration.

The locals and tourist often stand at the road with a bucket of water. And ready to soak every people that pass by. At the same time, locals will often visit temples and accommodation in Chiang Mai during the Songkran festival to pray and give food to the monks living there.

Bundle image of Buddha is paraded through busy streets during the Songkran festival with locals throwing water over them, which also aid in cleansing the sins at accommodation in Chiang Mai.

Tourist can expect most of the bar here to operate from night till early hours in the morning. In Chiang Mai, it is a norm to buy a bottle of sprite and have it with soda or coke serve with ice. Almost every bar sell vision by the glass bottle, and it is the most affordable way to enjoy your buffet.